Fine braids

Endoscope tubes, textile braids for laboratory tubes

Surgical procedures and revisions in hard-to-reach areas pose ongoing demands for miniaturization of the equipment used. For this application, we have been producing fine braids for over 40 years, which are used in technical or medical endoscopes.

We produce fine braids from tungsten and stainless steel wires in various material qualities, down to a minimum diameter of 0.025 mm. Variants made from flat wire are also possible.

Fine braid

Reference Diameter Max. diameter Weight approx.
16410 2,3 mm 2,4 mm 0,004 kg/m
12572 5,0 mm 6,0 mm 0,008 kg/m
14421 7,0 mm 9,2 mm 0,035 kg/m
18647 10,0 mm 12,0 mm 0,035 kg/m
10950 13,0 mm 13,6 mm 0,043 kg/m

Delivery programme and data sheet

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Fine braid