Braidings in the Industry

Industrial hoses, hydraulic lines, low-pressure hose, shielding braids, and more

Braiding is commonly used as mechanical protection, to enhance pressure resistance, or for shielding purposes. For instance, using high-strength stainless steel wire for braiding can increase the pressure resistance of an 8 mm nominal width Teflon hose by more than 40 times.

For higher demands on flexibility, our corrugated hoses provide long-standing, proven solutions. A wide variety of different braiding materials are being used in their production.

Whether you provide us with a hose or a cable for braiding, or are simply in search of a complete solution, together we always find a way.

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Machinery hoses for low-pressure applications have been part of our product range for over 60 years. They offer numerous applications for gas, air, oil, non-potable water lines, and more.

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Braidings in the Electrical Industry

Shielding Braids for Electric Cables

Braids of this type are made from copper wire and are primarily used for shielding cables against electromagnetic interference. As loose braids, they can be applied over the respective cable after its installation. Alternatively, the cable can be directly braided.

For an enhanced visual appeal and mechanical protection, colored plastic monofilaments and textile threads are being used.


Plastic monofilaments are commonly used. For appropriate production volumes, we can incorporate the customer’s particular design wishes regarding colour and pattern.

Mechanical protection for cables

Braiding for cables offer mechanical protection against damage, for example, as rodent protection against mice. Depending on the material and design, this protection can be customized to meet the customer's requirements.

By using different braiding materials and various types of machines from all renowned manufacturers, we can offer suitable solutions for almost every application. Just get in touch with us!

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