Braided hoses of any kind

Machine-made braids find their use in everyday items. Common examples are shoelaces, industrial-water lines, oil hoses and ropes.

We braid your hoses or deliver hollow braids made from a variety of materials. Braids made from plastics, yarns, metals, or precious metals like gold and silver have already left our production lines.

Braiding primarily serves to increase pressure resistance or provide mechanical protection. The burst pressure is significantly increased, and the hose is protected from damage. The braid is directly woven onto the hose to achieve optimal strength and form fit. Hollow braids are often used when a hose cannot be braided directly.


The primary materials used for braiding are galvanized steel wire or stainless steel wire. With sufficient volume, braidings can also be done using textiles, monofilaments, or many other materials. We can braid (almost) any hose with (almost) any braiding material.

Braiding material delivery program

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Braiding material