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Braids for Automotive Components, Motor / Motorsport, and E-Mobility

In the automotive industry, high volumes and continuous top-quality are essential. Since 1993, we have been supplying international automotive suppliers as a Tier-2 supplier and have established ourselves as a reliable business partner.

In addition to hoses with high temperature and pressure resistance, we offer a diverse and high-quality range of solutions for the transfer of oil, brake, and cooling fluids.

100 Million Mark Reached

In addition to flexible hoses of various nominal widths, exhaust systems are a significant application area for braided sections. In 2021, we surpassed the milestone of delivering over 100 million parts for this product.

Motor and Racing Sports

Our products are not only used in conventional combustion engines. Customers from the international motor and motorsport industry also count among our loyal clientele. Today, top models from renowned automobile manufacturers rely on the reliability of our products.

In motorsport, the lines are subjected to extremely high pressures and temperatures, making their reliability crucial. Our lines provide the necessary strength and safety to meet these high demands. By using our high-quality products, it can be ensured that vehicles perform optimally under all conditions.

We are proud to contribute to the success in motor and motorsport through our innovative and reliable solutions.


The broad application spectrum of our products is not limited to combustion engines. In addition to lines for hydrogen and fuel cell drives, our hose assemblies also offer solutions for E-Mobility. With the ongoing electrification of the automotive industry, shielding against electromagnetic fields and the durability of the solutions used are becoming increasingly important.

Our copper braids are designed to shield electromagnetic fields based on the principle of the Faraday cage. The braidings ensure that sensitive electronic components in electric vehicles are protected from interference. By using our high-quality copper braids, we contribute to the safety and reliability of modern E-Mobility solutions.

Additionally, synthetic hollow braids are used to bundle electrical lines and protect them against environmental influences. These braids provide an additional protective layer and enhance the longevity of the cable systems.

Our innovative products enable the automotive industry to meet the challenges of E-Mobility while maintaining the highest standards of efficiency and safety.

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