“More than 60 years of top quality!”


Through continuous training of our employees, we ensure a fast and precise implementation of customer orders. This is supported by a modern machinery park, which is regularly maintained and brought up to date with the latest technology through ongoing investments. When selecting our materials, we place special emphasis on the highest quality and collaborate with many long-term suppliers.

By consistently applying and developing our quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, we strive for continuous improvement of our products as well as optimization of our internal processes and procedures.

We rely on performance and quality to convince customers and strengthen the trust placed in us. In mutual dialogue, we strive for a harmonious and long-term collaboration.


Implemented environmental measures include operating a photovoltaic system, using energy-efficient LED lighting to reduce electricity consumption, heat recovery from compressors for hot water preparation, reducing water consumption through rainwater usage, and utilizing building management technology to control and reduce energy consumption. Currently, our photovoltaic system covers about 40 % of our electricity needs. By expanding the photovoltaic system in 2024, we aim to cover 70-80 % of our electricity demand through self-production. The remaining energy demand is sourced from certified green electricity from renewable sources.

Currently, no DIN EN ISO 14001 certified environmental management system is implemented. However, we align with this standard and prefer suppliers who are certified accordingly. Additionally, we have introduced reporting for the quantitative determination of corporate greenhouse gases according to DIN EN ISO 14064-1.

Social engagement

Our corporate ethos is built upon corporate and social responsibility. We support our employees by encouraging physical activity – for instance, through a bicycle-leasing program for commuting and by offering financial assistance for gym memberships. To ensure the well-being and safety of our workforce, we conduct annual safety briefings and occupational health assessments, along with providing regular training sessions, including first aid training and forklift operation courses.

We strongly believe in fostering a non-discriminatory work environment, and thus have established specific regulations outlined in our company's internal Code of Conduct (CoC). Additionally, we host regular employee gatherings such as summer and Christmas parties to bolster camaraderie and promote team cohesion.

Beyond our company's walls, we also uphold social responsibility by collaborating with charitable organizations. Each year, we allocate a portion of our profits to charitable causes.


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ISO 9001:2015

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RoHS - Declaration of Conformity

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REACH 2021

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Certified green electricity