Additional usecases

Offshore lines, bobbin-winding services, jewelry braids

Products of this kind are not part of our everyday business and are typically manufactured upon request. Braided offshore lines, for example, are used to supply drilling rigs and are usually laid on the seabed. The braiding serves to bundle individual lines, provide kink protection or reinforcement.


Projects of this nature are highly logistically demanding. The lines are delivered with large spools via specialized transport. A spool can be up to 3.2 meters tall and weigh up to 5 tons.

Bobbin-Winding Services

In addition to manufacturing hose braids, we also offer bobbin-winding services. Customers provide us with braiding machine bobbins, which we can wind upon request. This provides greater flexibility for the customer and a relief for their machinery park.


We wind steel, stainless steel, and copper wire, as well as plastic monofilament and yarn. Upon agreement, customer-supplied materials can also be processed.

Jewelry and Artistic Braids

We produce hollow braids made of precious metals for the jewelry industry. Stainless steel wire as well as wires made of gold and silver alloys are possible. Thanks to our specialized expertise, we can also manufacture the finest braids with minimal diameter.

An example of application is the enhancement of ballpoint pens with braids from our company. When it comes to design, there are no limits to the customer's creativity.